Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mineral Point Day 1

Well, it's nice to be back painting after a week of chain sawing and furniture moving (you don't want to know) but darn I feel rusty, Mineral Point is a former mining town with a heavy Welsh influence (treated myself to a pasty for lunch - they are the healthy 19th century forerunner of the hot pocket).
There's a lot to paint here and they give you a much larger footprint to choose from than other events like this. In the morning, the quaint hilly streets looked good but I opted to watch how the light changed and try it more "informed" tomorrow. So I went for something more familiar to an Iowa painter - a pair of silos. OK perhaps but I'm rusty and they aren't magical in their color.
After my pasty with Hans Olson and Jeff Allen we went to check on Solon artist Brian Parr. That's him taking a cigar break (there are 56 artists at this event scattered all over).
Then I headed east of town to try some of that rolling Wisconsin thing. Still rusty but getting back to it. Again OK but hopefully tomorrow I'll be on point. Tomorrow night is the nocturne event which will be a first for me but I've been reading Jessica and Carlene's blogs so I think I've got a couple clues. stay tuned!


  1. Two very nice paintings, great start. I am looking forward to your nocturnal painting.

  2. Someday I hope to be as rusty as you.