Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day 2 at Mineral Point

Another pleasant day in the 80' I decided to try stuff out of my usual ourvre (always use French to make things more special than they really are!)
Turned the corner and saw this lovely porch. Had a bit of trouble as the light moved diagonally across it but used a combo of shadows painted in at the start, memory and imagination. To keep it edgy and not too sweet I included the waste bin and trash bag (that's not French...that's just BS!)
After lunch at a Japanese place - Wiisconson! I tried a small panel of this lovely limestone parsonage - another "off subject" for me. Getting to like buildings, I think. Now I'm going to take the afternoon easy before tanking up on caffeine for the Nocturne event tonight: 8pm-8am. Sure hope I can get some cool artist at work photos as they will be all over downtown.


  1. Two more great ones. Can't wait to see how you handle the nocturne event. Getting started at 8 should help ease you into it.
    All I can say about your French is, au revoir Pee Wee.

  2. Wonderful use of shadows and the waste bin and trash bag does not stand out as trashy. I think you captured the feeling of a great live in.

  3. I did think the white building with flowers looked very French so how appropriate. In that picture you get the feel of activity. The brick building has such a stately, cool feel to it.