Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 3 at Mineral Point

Well my first attempt at night painting was fun and a learning experience. I'm not too good at picking subjects yet. A lot of the more seasoned painters chose really unique subjects - like window displays with antique toys or mannequins. I went for a laundromat looked Edward Hopper-ish to me and I tried to find as much weird color as I could in its beige interior. Couldn't recruit a down and out looking person to sit in there - that would have made it. But DUH, John, it's a town celebrating its historic buildings...what am I thinking?
Sadly I forgot to take a location snap so it's included here after being turned in. 

Here's a shot of Missouri artist Nyle Gordon at work. This would be my pick if I were judging.

This is my morning effort before turning in my two selections for judging. Of course it clouded over almost immediately so a lot of it was memory work. It started raining after I shot it.

Picking two was difficult. The majority of the work was town scenes so I put in one of those and a rural landscape to "bracket" my chances...curious if it will pay off. There's a picnic/awards announcement tonight. There's A LOT of good work at this show. It's quite intimidating. Tomorrow morning is the quick paint and they're forecasting rain so it could be interesting...all in all though the weather has been quite pleasant. And Mineral Point has many good points...could be a post in itself.


  1. I like the laundromat and yea the first thing I thought was Hopper. That mannequin creeps me out a bit, probably from watching one too many Twilight Zones, but hey what a great model.

  2. Your memory worked very well. Lovely light and shadows. Nice laundromat scene and a great first night painting. If you want a picture of you painting at night it is on their facebook page and I shared it to mine.