Monday, August 24, 2015

Band aid 2 The "rough in"

Well, this is the block in so far. I wanted a sort of full size "thumbnail" as it's been a while since I've painted bigger than 11x15. That way I can see if my areas read at scale. Sometimes an area of one value looks great at 3x4" but when you blow it up to size it's too much space with nothing happening.
So far, I'm happy with the vertical and horizontal intervals. Adding color shouldn't create any unpleasant surprises...we'll see.

Not working on a toned surface as usual either. The shady bits are key in this image so I want clear, discernible colors in the darks. On a white surface a medium dark looks VERY dark so hopefully this will keep me from pitching my shadows too close to black.
Since this is inside a white canvas won't "snow blind" me.
 The rough in was done with ultramarine, cad red and white (a bit of white + ultramarine for the closest water). The sky is white canvas at the moment as I've decided it's the lightest area overall. It's going to be - I hope - an opalescent mix of the primaries. Pure whites will probably be saved for glints in the water. Right now Carlene Atwater and Carol Marine are blogging really nice horse images and it makes me wonder if a heron would be nice tucked in somewhere not immediately obvious?


  1. A heron would be nice. I almost had a close up of one in a photo to share with you. My husband was sneaking up on one at Blue Heron lake. However, he got a hair too close, and was a bit slow on the snap, so in the photo, the heron is just a black dot in the sky.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I have a problem when working up to a large painting even when basing it on a smaller. I have not tried this.The values look great.