Friday, August 28, 2015

Bandaid 3: Color block in

So here's the thing with the basic colors blocked in.

Now I can "see" it a bit more clearly. I want to create more "broken" color in some areas - meaning the value of a given area will stay the same but hue will vary a bit. That said, there will still be some value adjustment in a few areas and the basic color in some areas will need to be more specific. For example, the greens are not quite right in the trees: The shifts between the light and shadow areas isn't convincing yet.
 I can also see the bands need a bit more work...I think it might be nice to use the shallow ripples at the bottom band to create a "Z" up to the right.
Most of all, I want to experiment with thick and thin paint passages. This is something a painting can do that screens and printed imagery can't mimic successfully. The trick will be not to do it willy-nilly but in a way that communicates space or natural texture.
Tomorrow I'm off to Marceline, MO for a plein air event so I'll have a day away from this and be able to see it with new eyes.

1 comment:

  1. With just the first layer of color, you've created a lot of depth. Just the color differences and rounding of the tree shapes, really broke up the stripe effect, or band aids. That's a good lesson to learn. I'm still noodling on what you said about paint textures in your comments yesterday. And want to apply it. I can see how the smoothness of the paint is really creating a sense of still in the water. I'll be iinterested in watching this progress, and will pay attention to the texture choices you make, and the impact it has on the scene.