Monday, March 28, 2016

Sticking with it

Two posts back I pondered how a plein air image might benefit from some changes. On location I pretty much took it as was and used my best guess as to how to do it.
 Since then I did some drawings (this one is China marker and sharpie pen on grey Bogus paper).

Then some watercolor sketches...

and a new studio version...

And here's the original...

I tried to get stronger shapes, juicier color, fewer tangents and hopefully fewer inconsequential details. It's still a bit "oil painty" but better...getting closer to a new look.
 I think doing something over a few times in a few ways pays off, so I'm going to try and spend more time in my sketchbooks. It's liberating to just launch at something without expectations. Here are a few I think could become pictures...


  1. Really dig the black & whites. Just now noticing the top right sketch in your book is exactly the same thing I was asking your advice on.

    1. Frankly, Chicago or the Midwest in general is a bigger challenge than Venice. Any fool can make a picture out of St. Mark's or the Campanile. Morton buildings are are what separates the men from the boys.