Monday, January 4, 2016

Studio makeover progress

Well, thing are getting close to done. My stacked storage unit is built. Dismantling the two old ones shocked me when I saw how dirty everything was.

 It's made of 28" hollow core doors with 1x6 legs screwed on to the sides. I removed the old 32" legs and put on 72" legs instead. The drawers are 1x4 with a 1/4" Masonite bottom and attached to slides. The bottom section houses my large Schminke pastel boxes with a tool drawer over one. Small items like watercolor tubes and drawing supplies go in an old card file I got at a library auction. Portable easels go on top. Mat board, fomecor and assorted papers next. Below that are frames and larger pieces of glass (smaller pieces go in the leftover space at bottom right) and canvases and stuff stored in tubes.

A 36" door slides out from between two shelves as a work table for priming panels, cutting mats or stretching canvas. With one room it's necessary to have convertible work stations.

 The laundry wall cabinet that used to be above the old table got casters and is now a taboret thingie for gesso, solvents, paint and related items.

That freed up my drawing table to be used as...wait for it...a drawing table! I actually got that on the curb during spring pickup in Fairfield years ago. I check that house every year now!

 The big easel is in its corner. The ceiling lights will have to be rearranged to fit but as is, it's fine during daylight hours.

 There's lots more room now but the issue has become parting with bits of this and that that clutter up the room. Junk I thought could be used for some project...and has been waiting years for said project to materialize. It's all going to go. Next will be some painting racks on the wall for plein air studies.      Meanwhile, I'm getting ideas from what my painting friends are posting in their blogs so I'll probably work in it for a while before making any other changes.


  1. First thing I thought was, casters make everything better. Second thing, MAN, why does everyone but me find great things on the curb or at Goodwill? I'm really liking your slide out workbench. Really great ideas here. Oh and nice clown drawing you've got there. ;-)

  2. Lots of great ideas here. I like the card file and the slide out work bench. The drawing table is a nice find.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! Very efficient use here and have to agree with everyone that's posted something! One more thing.....when is Fairfield's Spring pick up day? I hope they still do that...stopped in Pulaski :( I may have to start driving up and down the streets come Spring :D