Thursday, December 31, 2015

Rezzo loo shunz...bye 2015

Resolution...What does that mean anyway? You already had a solution but didn't use it and now you're reapplying it? That's why I don't understand making them. Setting yourself up to not do something you're already not doing seems vaguely metaphysical.
 However I AM going to attempt that other new year tradition of "getting organized". My studio is what my Dad used to call a "s**t house mess". Now that the really cold weather is coming I'll be spending more time working in it...or trying to. I can't just use it as a place to dump painting gear and store frames before heading to the spacious outdoors. This 13x13 ex-bedroom needs a makeover (which is another big tradition, I think...but this project will need more than press-on nails and a pair of spanks).
 Here are some before photos. As 13x13 is a small footprint, my only option is the urban architecture approach of going vertical - these shelf/table combos are going to get stacked and a 36"x80" work table will slide out from between the two.

 The big easel is going to go to a corner where the windows always light it indirectly. Right now it starts the day with bright, direct light and gets darker and indirect as time passes.

The portable easels will go on the top shelf of the new stacked version (would that lifting constitute a workout program?).
 Still, there are a few things I don't know how to rearrange just yet. If you have any great ideas, please pass them on and I will share pictures as things develop.
Happy 2016!


  1. Totally agree with you on the resolutions. As for the room, I no longer feel bad about my 10.5x12 room I work in. As for solutions I'm afraid I'm no help. Once I did a search for "pictures of artists studios" to see what other people were doing and get ideas for what to do in my own. Sheesh, it seems that they either work like slobs or never work in their studio at all. I don't think I can trust an artist with a super clean studio and it puts my OCD into overdrive when I see one that's too cluttered.

  2. Some good ideas there. I once bought a full size draftsman's table for $10. I just could not get it down the hall into the room. It is now one of Jim's workshop table. Have you seen Paula's studio, she sold everything in her living room and turned it into the studio. Sounds like a plan if my hubby would just agree.

  3. I'll have to find out which Paula you're talking about! Now that I'm thinking vertically a lot of other possibilities suggest themselves. Starting to find I have a lot of clutter that's just never touched and probably won't be.