Thursday, October 15, 2015

The importance of VALUES

 If you're reading this, thank an artist. All this tech and Internet stuff wasn't invented by Steve Jobs or Al Gore...I say it was the guy who did the Lascaux cave paintings.
 Once upon a time there were two guys in that cave. Let's call them Og and Gog (depicted here by artist Leah Fanning. Note the artsy guy has red hair).

Gog was usually busy sharpening sticks. We'll come back to him later. Og noticed dark marks on a light surface could remind you of real life stuff.
I'm always saying HOW IMPORTANT VALUE IS but Og had also discovered a primitive binary code if you will, thus laying the foundations for art and the digital revolution. With just values. 
  Later on,  weavers got fancy with contrasting yarns and figured out "if they pop up here and dive underneath there we can make neat patterns and pictures". Rugs began to illustrate stories, clothes could make you look amazing. Everybody loved it but such weaving was time consuming.
Much later still, Joseph Jaquard invented a punchcard loom to make it easy and fast.

 Charles Babbage saw that and designed an analytical machine that used punch cards.

You probably know the rest: Someone added electricity and yada, yada (that's Hebrew I think)...the device you're using.
 Back to Gog...our "stick sharpener". Whenever a descendant of Og creates something there always seems to be a descendant of Gog nearby, finding a way to use it to destroy something...or get a leg up on somebody.

I can't think of a single thing that hasn't in some way been weaponized by someone.
It's a tale of two mindsets. Different values. Values are important...and I need to spend more time drawing and less time checking the news!


  1. Who says you can't do both, check the news and draw. You can give it a tacky name like New Wave of Expressionism. Dix, Grosz and Beckmann didn't have the internet or 24 hour news channels to get their material from, just imagine what they'd do today.
    I'm convinced the brunette is teaching the ginger how to paint a wild beast. I'm also convinced they're making comic strips about their mother in laws, that's why they have to hide it in a cave. ;-)

  2. At 3am, this theory seemed soooo insightful! And at 9am, after getting some sleep, it still holds water! Except that part about the red head being artsy...... that part is pure fact!