Monday, September 7, 2015

Amana wrap up

 Well, after getting home last night and catching up a few things here's the report on day 3 (I'm giving  serious thought to writing a post called "The Artist's Guide to What You Let Can Slide").
 Anyway, the third day was the most exciting of all. Bloody hot again but the painting went on. After getting my stuff framed up and packing my camping gear up I went to the lily lake where everyone was at it hammer and tongs. I didn't think there was enough time for another oil before submitting my entries and the afternoon Quick Paint so I did a watercolor study in my sketchbook. The quick paint wasn't as densely packed as in previous years. Several artists - probably sanely - opted to watch the rest of us from shadier vantage points. Thomas Buchs from WI won the event. He's a consistently good painter and places at most of the events I've attended. A bit later everyone retired to the Festhalle where things WERE much more densely packed than previous years. Catiri's eclipsed their usual great dinner and awards ceremony. They had a patrons only viewing of the exhibit and sales were pretty strong. For certain the quality of the work this year was a big part of that but just about everyone I knew sold one or more works.
 So on to the awards...and it was the most exciting one I've ever been in.
Third place went to Barb Heitzman of Dubuque for a beautiful pastel view towards East Amana (which also sold). This was Barb's FIRST plein air event and she was a participant in my June workshop.
 Second place went to moi...there's the obligatory French word... image below.

 First place went to...drum roll here...JESSICA KIRBY of Ft. Madison for a marvelous little pastel she made that morning at the lake. You can view it on her blog at right...and it sold to some smart collector as well. Jessica is a regular in my Wednesday watercolor class and is pedal to the metal honing her chops in all mediums.
Naturally I felt pretty proud of my two "prodigies" though in both cases there is beau coup on-board talent there and it's a privilege to share anything I can with them because I know it will get good use.
 These events are so fun - every painter should try one! This coming Saturday is one in Louisiana MO. a charming river town between Hannibal and St. Louis.


  1. Look at all those fancy French words you're using. Standing up their with your students, I think that means you're doing your job. I just hope it doesn't mean you raise the price of classes. ;-)

  2. Up *there. I'm blaming all my grammar mistakes on the heat. I need a margarita to make me think straight.

  3. Congratulations on your win! And double congratulations on having two of your students also place! What an endorsement for your teaching skills.