Saturday, July 4, 2015

First try... we go. With much help from fellow artists to be mentioned in future posts, I am crowding the web yet further with another blog. There are millions of painting blogs out there (MANY worth reading). This one will try to focus on the act of seeing as it relates to painting. When I do that, my paintings come out better. When teaching classes, I find virtually everyone has a clue or two about getting paint to a surface but FEW seem to be able to create marks that correspond to what they see (especially when working from life, without photo references). That's what we'll try to hit here...I almost called this blog "HermenEYEtics", a play on the word hermeneutics which deals with interpretation of written documents, particularly scriptural ones. Didn't want a lot of disgruntled Greek and Hebrew scholars turning up here.
So, forthcoming posts will - hopefully - provide useful insights about seeing color, proportional drawing and anything pertaining to the translation of eyesight to oil paint, pastel, watercolor or whatever. And, when appropriate, the state of the culture may be taken to task to keep things from getting too dry (like how 4 generations of looking at mechanically or electronically generated images has gotten us to the point we can't see what we see, and why we can't translate it to paint).
Stay tuned...

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